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  Book Artwork

I do a lot more planning for my picture book art than I do for my other kinds of painting. For one thing, I need to make sure that the image is in the right dimensions for the page of a picture book. I’m also careful to keep in mind where the ‘gutter’ of the book will be so that on a two page spread I won’t split the main character’s face in half!

I start each painting with a careful sketch that I transfer to watercolour paper using tracing paper. (click here to see an original sketch and the final artwork) After that I do an initial watercolour wash, working on all areas of the painting. I might go over some of the areas a second time, deepening the colours. The final part is working over some of the watercolour with coloured pencils, refining some of the images, adding details etc.



Please note that artwork on these pages are copyright & may not be reproduced without consent of the artist.

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