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  Artist or Lawyer?

I was born in Montreal, Quebec. When I was young I wanted to be either an artist or a lawyer when I grew up. Now that I am almost grown up I still can't decide between the two. So I do both.

The writing is a more recent thing for me. I began writing stories so that I would have something to go with my pictures. And I've discovered that I quite like writing… even without pictures.

Writer & Illustrator

It's also quite handy to be both writer and illustrator. If, while I am working on an illustration I have a question for the writer, I simply ask him right then and there. And if he is not in a grumpy mood I will get an almost immediate response (quicker even than email). I also know what foods he likes; so it makes choosing a restaurant really easy.

Serious or Silly?

I have four picture books published. Three of my books take place in the mythic village of Chelm (not to be confused with the real-life village of Chelm that is in Poland). Once you have visited Chelm, (the mythic one that is) it is very hard to leave. You see, the people there are very silly. And, when you spend half your day being a serious lawyer, silliness is welcome.


Lately (in the last few years), I’ve been focusing more on writing middle-grade fiction. I always liked that part of my life (I still had all of my hair back when I was in the middle grades), and I have found a way through my writing to immerse myself back in those years.

  Richard Ungar  
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