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  Rachel's Library

The citizens of Chelm have always had a reputation for foolish­ness. How can they convince people otherwise and show outsiders their true wisdom? Surely the answer lies in the great city of Warsaw. They will send a delegation to the capital to find a solution.

Young Rachel is an unexpected addition to the group, but as always, she is the one with the answer. The clue to wisdom lies in books. What Chelm needs is a library. In her own creative fashion, Rachel finds a way to build a village library – different from any library you can imagine.

Rachel Captures the Moon and Rachel’s Gift have introduced the endearing village of Chelm – always quirky and always full of surprises.



"Richard Ungar's more than slightly fluorescent coloured pencil and watercolour drawings are as surreal and entertaining as the story they illustrate."
- The Globe & Mail (10 Terrific Tomes for Tots to Teens)

"Ungar's vibrant fuschias, turquoise, lime greens and vermillion exude a lively madness that is exactly suited to the strange thinking of Chelm; so too are the elongated bodies and distorted perpectives, reminiscent of Chagall's vivid paintings. That water and literature, the two necessities of life, should be housed in the same building, gives this cheerful tale all the more potential for interpretation."
- The Toronto Star

"Though the story possess a humourous tone, it conveys a valuable and inspiring message; sometimes the answers to our problems are closer than we think - they lie within us. Ungar's watercolour and coloured pencil illustrations, rich with reds, oranges, and yellows, add vibrancy and warmth to this folktale..."
- Canadian Bookseller

"Award-winning Ungar weaves another tale with light hearted humour and brilliant colours."
- The Canadian Children's Book Centre

"The attractive folk-art illustrations, created with watercolor and thickly applied coloured pencil that gives the appearance of oil pastel, are jewel-toned... The humor in this story rooted in Jewish folk literature can be appreciated by children of various backgrounds."
- School Library Journal

"This tongue-in-cheek tale is gently told and delivers a positive message in a kindly manner. This is the best of the three books about Rachel. The wisdom of the Chelmers shines through even if they don't know it." Recommended
- CM Magazine

"...told with vigor, and the brightly colored illustrations catch the spirit of the humourous tale."
- The Horn Book Guide

"The tale is charming and the paintings, which illustrate the book, are bright, vibrant and active."
- Independantly Reviewed

"a rich tapestry of a tale, with many threads of irony and layer of 'true wisdom'"
- BookLoons Reviews

"Reading isn't all about chapters; intermediates still like pictures! Especially vivid pink-green-yellow folk art like this."
- Victoria Times-Colonist, "Raise a Reader" Recommended Books For Kids

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Published by Tundra Books
ISBN: 978-0-88776-678-7


• 2004 Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Selection for Rachel's Library

        Cover artwork used with permission.
All rights reserved.
content & artwork © Richard Ungar | website by Hoffworks